Shocking Defeat: Clemson's unexpected 28-7 loss to Duke left fans stunned, as they were heavy favorites for the game.

Self-Inflicted Wounds: Clemson's loss was marred by sloppy tackling and turnovers in the red zone, hurting their chances.

Duke's Strong Performance: Duke played well, but Clemson's mistakes played a significant role in the outcome.

Offensive Disappointment: Clemson's new offensive coordinator, Garrett Riley, didn't live up to the high expectations in the season opener.

Defensive Struggles: Clemson's defense allowed 199 rushing yards and struggled to generate pressure, ending the game without any sacks.

Underutilized Playmaker: Will Shipley's potential wasn't fully utilized, missing a chance to make him a game-changer.

Need for Self-Reflection: Clemson's coaching staff must reevaluate their game plan and trust in their quarterback, Cade Klubnik.

Lack of Downfield Passing: The Tigers need to take more risks with downfield passes to compete at a higher level.

Putting the Loss Behind: Clemson must regroup and open up their offense in Week 2 to rebound from this disappointing loss.

Overall Frustration: The game left Clemson fans and observers frustrated, hoping for a better performance in the future.