Football’s Top Scores: In the world of American football, where each game promises an adrenaline rush and unexpected twists, it’s no surprise that scores can often transcend the realm of the ordinary. As we delve into the annals of NFL history, we discover an intriguing assortment of scores that defy expectations and tantalize the imagination. Have you ever pondered what the most common score in football might be? Well, the answer might just surprise you.

The Reign of 20-17

Unlocking Football's Top Scores: All the Data You Need!

The title of the most common football score in NFL history goes to 20-17. Yes, you read that right! This specific scoreline has graced the end of NFL games a remarkable 274 times. Out of the 1072 different final scores recorded in the NFL’s storied history, this one stands tall as the most recurrent.

But what about the other common scores? Let’s dive into the top ten:

  1. 20-17 – 274 times (3 points)
  2. 27-24 – 224 times (3 points)
  3. 17-14 – 198 times (3 points)
  4. 23-20 – 193 times (3 points)
  5. 24-17 – 170 times (7 points)
  6. 13-10 – 166 times (3 points)
  7. 24-21 – 156 times (3 points)
  8. 17-10 – 141 times (7 points)
  9. 16-13 – 141 times (3 points)
  10. 24-14 – 139 times (10 points)

What’s striking here is the dominance of three-point margins. In the top ten, seven out of ten scores have been decided by a mere three points. Two results bear the hallmark of a seven-point margin, while one boasts a ten-point difference.

A Potential Explanation

The preponderance of three-point margins in these scores suggests a pattern: many of these games were tied in the final minutes. The team on offense would drive down the field, often settling for a field goal to snatch a three-point victory. For those who dabble in sports betting, this consistent trend offers intriguing insights. While the allure of a seven-point or ten-point spread may seem tempting, history suggests that a three-point wager might be your safest bet.

The Rare 7-Point and 10-Point Spreads

Comparatively, the 7-point spread has only manifested 17% of the time among the 1802 recorded scores, while the 10-point spread has occurred in less than 8% of these instances. The 7-point spread typically occurs when both teams are locked in a tie, and one manages to score the game-winning touchdown, a thrilling but less frequent occurrence.

2021: Unearthing Unique Scores

As we revel in the world of scores, it’s worth noting that the NFL’s Scorigami website archives every score ever achieved, including those that have remained elusive until recently. In 2021, several novel and previously unrecorded final scores emerged:

  1. In week 6, the Rams bested the Giants with a score of 38-11.
  2. Week 7 witnessed an unusual 31-5 final score between the Cardinals and the Texans.
  3. Week 9 saw the Jets fall to the Colts by a score of 45-30.
  4. Five weeks later, the Bears suffered the same fate against the Green Bay Packers, also with a score of 45-30.
  5. In week 11, the Colts handed a resounding 45-11 defeat to the Bills.
  6. The Chiefs joined the unique score club in week 9 with a dominant 48-9 win over the Raiders.
  7. The regular season finale in week 18 showcased a fresh and exceptional final score as the Cowboys triumphed over the Eagles by 51-26.

The Quest for Zero

In the realm of football, the lowest conceivable score is a 0-0 tie, where neither team manages to put any points on the board. This outcome has occurred 73 times in NFL history, although the last instance dates all the way back to 1943. Since then, the elusive zero-tie game has remained elusive.

The Era of 3-0

In the post-merger era, the lowest score in an NFL game stands at 3-0. This modest scoreline has materialized six times, with its first appearance in 1971 when the Vikings secured victory over the Packers with a fourth-quarter field goal. The most recent 3-0 outcome transpired in 2007, as the Steelers triumphed over the Dolphins in a game played amidst a torrential downpour.

The Pinnacle of Shut-Out Games

On the opposite end of the scoring spectrum, we find the highest shut-out score ever recorded: 73-0, a game in which the Bears utterly demolished the Redskins in December 1940. Following closely behind is a 66-0 result from 1920 when the Rochester Jeffersons outclassed Fort Porter. In 1934, the Eagles secured a memorable 64-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds. The highest-scoring game in history reached a whopping 113 points in 1966 when the Redskins defeated the Giants 72-41. The second-highest scoring game, with a total of 97 points, transpired in October 1950 when the Rams overwhelmed the Colts 70-27. These extraordinary scorelines, each unique and unrepeatable, serve as testament to the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the NFL.

The Elusive 100-Point Games

Scoring a hundred points in an NFL game is no small feat, and it has only happened six times, with two instances predating the merger and four occurring afterward. In 1948, the San Francisco 49ers vanquished the Brooklyn Dodgers with a score of 63-40, totaling 103 points. The other pre-merger occurrence was in 1963 when the Raiders narrowly edged out the Oilers with a 52-49 score, amounting to 101 points. It would be some time before another 100-point game graced the NFL. In 2004, the Bengals emerged victorious over the Cleveland Browns with a score of 58-48, culminating in 106 points. Eleven years later, the New Orleans Saints clashed with the Giants in a thrilling 52-49 showdown, yet again yielding 101 points, and keeping the unique three-point margin trend alive.

In conclusion, the world of NFL scores is a captivating and ever-evolving landscape, where history intertwines with the extraordinary, and the unexpected is always just around the corner. Whether you’re a die-hard football enthusiast or a casual observer, these unique scores add an extra layer of fascination to the gridiron. As each season unfolds, who knows what unprecedented scores and thrilling moments await us in the world of American football!

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