Students were more inclined to choose traditional science and engineering courses when colleges for Biotechnology in India first appeared more than two decades ago. This necessitated that the best Biotechnology colleges work secretly and gradually build their reputation.

Like every new field of study, biotech has had to pass through a time of initiation. Students interested in biology are naturally drawn to the field of biotech, which is named for its relationship with technology. The inevitable interconnection of biology and technology means that biotechnology has a significant role in the future as a discipline.

The most prominent reason students opt for courses in the department of science and technology (DST) is its scope of applications. One way or another, biotechnology methods and ideas will have a major influence on the future. Hence, the importance of the best colleges for biotechnology is evident. Let’s start with a quick overview of biotech colleges, programs, and Education in India.

Overview of Colleges for Biotechnology

Over the last several years, Biotech colleges have become increasingly more popular in India. This is partly due to students broadening their horizons and exploring newer fields of study.

Two decades ago, students did not know about biotechnology. Nowadays, there is a high level of awareness regarding new courses like biotechnology. This has allowed India’s colleges for biotechnology to sprout.

Students can pursue biotech disciplines through various programs and courses such as degree, diplomas, and certifications. Also, Indian students can opt to advance levels such as Doctorate courses.

Students in India interested in studying biotech courses and attending top colleges for biotechnology can complete their education and go all the way in the sector.

Here are some of the most popular courses that can teach students about biotechnology in India:

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1. BSc in Biotechnology

2. MSc in Biotechnology

3. PhD in Biotechnology

4. Diploma in Biotechnology

5. Certificate Course in Biotechnology

Why it’s beneficial to choose colleges for biotechnology in India?

Colleges for biotechnology in India

There are many reasons to choose a biotechnology college in India. One reason is that the education and research infrastructure in India is world-class. Indian department of science and technology offers excellent facilities for students pursuing a career in this field. A vast number of job opportunities are available in this sector as the demand for this discipline grows. The Indian biotechnology industry is growing rapidly, and there is a great demand for skilled professionals. The most prominent reason is the cost of living and studying in India is affordable compared to other developed countries. This makes it an attractive destination also for international students.

Apart from this there are some top government jobs for biotechnology in India offered about various departments from central government to state government.

Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

1. School of Life Science, University of Hyderabad

School of Life Science- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

The University of Hyderabad’s School of Life Sciences, part of the University of Hyderabad, is well-known throughout India for its bioengineering programs. The Faculty was founded in 1977, while the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics was established later that year. It has earned several favourable reviews from its alumni due to its focus on solid academics and an outstanding placement success rate. Students can enrol in M.Sc. (2 years) from one of the top colleges for biotechnology. These factors are responsible for the college’s high reputation and ranking at number one on this list.

2. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

If you are looking for a Masters’ in Sciences (Biotech), RGCB is among the top choices. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) is located in Trivandrum and is one of India’s finest places to study biotechnology at a higher level. Only PD and doctoral programs are offered. Its academic structure and infrastructure are modern since it is an institute known for its research capabilities. Alumni consider the institution ideal for anyone interested in biotech research, and its positive characteristics ensure that RGCB’s image and reputation are excellent.

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3. Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Institute of Chemical Technology- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

Mumbai is one of India’s renowned institutions for higher learning. ICT is a popular option among the top biotech schools in India regarding academic excellence. Food engineering and technology are just two of the many scientific disciplines studied at ICT. This makes it an outstanding institution from a placement standpoint and generates good alumni feedback. ICT offers B.Tech in Food Engineering and Technology and M. Tech in Food Biotechnology & Bioprocess Technology.

4. University School of Biotechnology, GGSIPU, Delhi

University School of Biotechnology- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

The University School of Biotechnology (USBT) is an internal school within GGSIPU, exclusively offering UG, PG, and doctoral programs in biotechnology. The USBT is among the top Colleges for Biotechnology in Delhi NCR. The academic and infrastructural capabilities of GGSIPU are well-positioned to serve biotech students, as demonstrated by its alumni feedback. In addition, for biotech placements, top industry executives visit USBT, further boosting the university’s reputation for biotechnology education in India. You can apply for B.Tech/M.Tech in Biotechnology at the college.

5. National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal

National Dairy Research Institute- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

The National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal is an excellent facility for individuals interested in applying technological ideas to tackle real-world issues in the dairy sector. While only M. Scs in biotechnology are offered, various courses at the university, such as dairy technology and dairy engineering, employ fundamental biotech principles. Because of its modern infrastructure, the institute is well-equipped to achieve its own academic objectives.

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NRDI provides excellent placements because it is one of the few universities in India that is particularly concerned with the dairy industry. With a strong focus on research and innovation, the Institute of Biotechnology is among India’s top colleges for biotechnology, offering M.Sc. in Microbiology and Animal Biotechnology.

6. Shoolini University, Solan

Shoolini University- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

Shoolini University was established in 2009 to integrate research-based education into its foundation. As a result, Shoolini’s biotech department is regarded as one of India’s top. Shoolini, located in Solan’s hilly area, provides a contemporary spin on conventional education by bringing modernity to its infrastructure. The alumni feedback has been mostly positive, owing to Shoolini’s strong placement record in biotech. Shoolini University is a recognized and among well-known colleges for Biotechnology. The university’s college offers B.Sc, M.Sc., B.Tech, and M.Tech courses in biotechnology.

7. Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University

Centre for Biotechnology- Top Colleges for Biotechnology in India

Anna University has India’s top colleges for biotechnology in India offering B.Tech and M.Tech in Biotechnology & Food Technology, respectively. It has leading degrees in biotechnology, beginning with B. Tech programs and culminating in PhD programs. The academic structure at Anna University is stable, as well as its infrastructure. Its reputation is based on a strong placement rate and good alumni comments.

After completing their studies, students can also apply for career opportunities in government. Institutions such as the Department of Science & Technology, West Bengal (DST, WB) and others.  

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