In the past few years, users have preferred watching shows and web series online while sitting at home. The craze for online streaming has increased a lot in these years, and people want to enjoy any new film online without going to theatres. So, for those viewers, these free websites will be really helpful. These will help you to download the latest pictures online and you can even watch all those shows online on some platforms.

So, it is more convenient to enjoy any show online as you don’t have to visit the theatres between the crowds. But, you should also note that these are not secure to use and you should prefer OTT apps which are the official platform. But if you want to know the details, then we will share some of the best links which are taken from the list of over 100 names.

There will be nothing to worry about if you don’t use a proxy to access those links but some links will require you to use an ad blocker, or if you use mobile to enjoy the film, then you can go without using any blocker.

Here is the Complete Free List –

Website Name URL
Internet Archive
Online films Hindi
Movies Found Online
Open Culture

1. Youtube

YouTube is the best platform where you can find thousands of shows for zero amount. It is great for people who love pictures and web series. You can find thousands of shows there and popular web series are streaming there. You can find all kinds of pictures there from old classics to new ones.

Image of Youtube Website

This is also a place where famous filmmakers and new ones share their trailers with people all around the world. Some shows on YouTube to watch, but you might need to pay to watch others. Also, sometimes new shows shortly after they come out in theatres, so you can watch them at home.

This is completely no cost to use and it has lots of different types of films, you just need to search for your favourite show there and check if it is available or not. In the maximum case, you will get it there, and applying the filters on your searches will help a lot.

2. Telegram

Image of Telegram Website

Telegram is a messaging app that lots of people use to find and watch shows. It’s popular because it has many groups and channels where you can discover lots of different shows. You can find shows of different types like action, comedy, and more.

One special thing about Telegram is that you can watch new shows not long after they come out in theatres. This is great if you like to see the latest shows from your own home.

Telegram is easy to use, and you can quickly join groups and channels about films. But you should be careful because some shows on Telegram might not be legal to watch. It’s important to think about whether it’s right to watch shows that don’t have permission to be on the app.

3. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an online place where you can find lots of shows and other stuff. It has a huge collection of shows from different times and kinds. The is very popular worldwide because it keeps all old and important shows safe so people can watch them.

Image of Internet Archive Website

But, you should know that it doesn’t have many new shows that just came out. It mostly has old shows that anyone can use or with special permission. So, if you want to watch the newest films, you might need to look somewhere else. Still, the Internet Archive is a great place to download them.

4. Filmy4wap

Image of Filmy4wap Website

It is another best platforms where all the latest South and Bollywood shows are leaked within hours of their original release. Filmy4wap new movies offer a lot of options to make it easy for different people. You can usually find it in different qualities like 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, and even 360p options.

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It offers different types of pictures like Bollywood, Hollywood, and South films. They also have all pictures in different quality options, so you can watch the pictures in your selected file size. All the dubbed pictures are also available to enjoy in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and more.

5. AZMovies

Image of AZMovies Website

AZMovies is a new destination that is also on our list. This platform has all kinds of shows like action, drama, and comedy. You can find old shows and new ones from all over the world. Also, one good thing about it is you can even get new collections from Bollywood, Hollywood, and South after a few weeks of actual release. So, you can watch the newest shows here. But, all shows on the internet are legal to watch, so you should pay attention to them before using them.

6. Movierulz

Image of Movierulz Film Download Website

This is another platform on our list that provides you with all recently released shows and series in high-quality options. They have new shows from Bollywood and South Indian films. You can watch these shows in different qualities, like 4K, 1080p, 720p, or 480p on Movierulz 2023, you can select any options depending on your device and internet speed.

It has a collection of thousands of pictures from big Bollywood to popular Hollywood and South Indian films. They also have pictures in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and more, so more people can watch them. The new platform is now live and its domain name is also out now which provides all the latest films.

7. Online Movies Hindi

Image of Online Shows Hindi Website

If you want to enjoy any film and web series online, then is the best place for you. This platform has a collection of new and old Hollywood, Bollywood, South, Tamil, and Telugu pictures. You can download Tamil shows as well, there are thousands of shows already available and it is the most popular and stable platform in our entire list. Here, new collections are not available and it takes a few weeks to make them available. There are some ads which is skippable and they are in very small amount, so it is a good option.

8. MegaShare

Image of MegaShare Website

This is another great name in this list, MegaShare is famous for providing high-quality content. The quality of its film is on the next level compared to its competitors. Also, you have the freedom to stream anything online without the trouble of downloading the content. You can find all quality shows like 360p, 480p, 720p, and HD+ there and also you can save them on your smartphone with file size options like 300MB, 500MB, and 1000MB.

9. TubiTV

Image of TubiTV Website

The next name on our list is TubiTV which is a popular streaming service for people who love watching pictures. It has a huge collection of shows in different categories. You can find old classics and new shows there. What makes TubiTV special is that it shows new shows soon after they come out in theatres. It is easy to use, and you don’t have to pay for it which makes it a great choice for people who want to watch good shows without a subscription. This is a legal option to enjoy any film which is the most interesting part of it.

10. TamilPlay

Image of TamilPlay Website

There is another popular domain in our list which is TamilPlay. It is an old destination for cinema lovers who have a collection of lots of shows from Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Indian films. Also, the best part is, that you can choose how clear you want to watch the shows like 1080p or 720p.

The best thing about Tamil Play is that they put new shows on their platform really fast. So, you can watch the newest shows not long after they come out in theatres. They also have shows from different Indian regions, like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Their platform makes it easy to understand the process and they have lots of shows to select.

11. Moviezwap

Image of Moviezwap Website

It is another great platform in our list which is popular as Moviezwap. It has lots of shows for different tastes. You can usually find shows in high quality like 1080p and 720p, so you can enjoy watching them. They also add new shows quickly after they come out in theatres. They even have shows from different parts of the world. The platform is easy to use, so it’s great for people who love cinema. The old URL are now closed because it is also not a legal option to enjoy any film. But the new domain is now open which can be accessed online.

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12. Filmyzilla

Image of Filmyzilla Website

In our list, Filmyzilla is the most popular destination and has millions of active users. The platform provides many shows like Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, etc. You can choose the best quality options like HD+, 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.

Whenever any new shows are released in the theatres or on OTT, Filmizilla makes them available on their platform for full access. That is why, it is not recommended by makers to use as they have to face loss in their business because of this. The user interface is very easy and anyone can download shows from Filmyzilla very quickly. But, there are lots of ads on the site which makes it a bit bulky and you will have to skip them to save any file on your device.

13. Ibomma

Image of Ibomma Website

Ibomma is another popular platform that has more than 80 million searches on Google every month. The site has a large collection of Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam pictures. It is basically famous for providing all the latest South films. They have a big collection of genres like action, romance, or drama.

Also, one more important feature of Ibomma is that they put new shows on their platform after they come out in theatres. This means you can enjoy the latest Telugu shows as soon as they are available. People who love watching new shows like using ‘I boom’ for this reason. This platform is also banned by the government because it is not allowed to freely distribute any paid shows and web series. So, the new URL keeps banning and you will have to find the new URL to access them.

14. Kuttymovies

Image of Kuttymovies Movie site

There is another great place on our list whose name is Kuttymovies. It is a working platform where you can find lots of different shows. They have shows from Bollywood, Hollywood, and also shows from different regions. You can choose to watch these shows in different picture qualities like 1080p or 720p.

They often add new shows to the platform shortly after they come out in theaters, so you can watch the latest films. Kuttymovies also has shows in different languages so it is not just in one language. This way, more people can enjoy the films. The is easy to use, so you can easily find the movie you want to watch. It’s a great place to watch all sorts of films.

15. Movies Found Online

Image of Movies Found Online Website

The next platform on our list is ‘Movies Found Online’ where you can watch lots of different pictures. They have classics, new films, documentaries, and more. One interesting thing about this is that they release new pictures there quickly after they come out in theatres. So if you want to see the newest pictures without leaving your home, it’s a good place to go.

But remember, it is important to do things the right way. Some of the shows here might be there without permission and that is not allowed to do. So, their platform keeps being banned, and the new domain keeps revealing, so it is not recommended to use that from our side.

16. Open Culture

Image of Open Culture Site

Open Culture is the next popular platform with lots of shows for people who love watching films. They have a wide variety of shows from different types, time periods, and languages. You can find classic films, documentaries, and even independent shows there.

One interesting thing about Open Culture is that they show new shows not long after they come out in theatres. This means you can watch the latest shows without leaving your home. But remember, it is important to watch shows in a legal way. But, if you just want to see the quality and options, then it is also a good option in the market, but as we said, it is not recommended to use.

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17. EZTV

Image of EZTV Movie Download Website

Another URL in our list is EZTV which is primarily known as a platform for downloading and sharing TV shows through torrents. It is famous for its large number of TV show libraries and has primarily focused on television series rather than films. Users can access a wide range of TV episodes, spanning different genres and seasons.

When it comes to shows, EZTV may not be as comprehensive as dedicated movie platforms. It generally doesn’t offer a vast selection of films, and its primary focus remains on television content. The domain contains mostly old shows and new collections are not available on this platform. So if you are looking for the latest show then you should check other platforms in our list.

18. Pictures4u

Image of pictures4u Website

Movies4u is a platform where you can watch lots of different films. They have shows from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other places too. You can pick the quality you want to watch like 1080p and 4K are most preferred for action and thriller films.

You can always watch the latest shows here. They also have shows in different languages if you don’t speak English. It is easy to find what you want to watch, and it is easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you like old pictures, new ones, or shows from different countries, pictures4u has all the popular collections with the best quality options.

19. MyDownloadTube

Image of MyDownloadTube Website

MyDownloadTube is a platform where you can find lots of pictures. They have all kinds of shows like old, independent films, thrillers and documentaries. Also, this provides a new collection as well like the Filmy4wap site. they put new shows on their platform soon after they come out. So, you can watch the newest shows here. One thing, you should note is that there are too many ads, so you will have to use an adblocker or surf the platform very carefully.

Also, these types of platforms are not recommended but still, people use them for premium collection access. There are high chance that your device can get any harmful files using this platform as there are many ads and you get confused if it is your original download file or something else. One major drawback you can face is that it is sometimes down when you open it, so you may need to use a VPN in some cases.

20. SolarMovie

Image of SolarMovie Movie Website

Solar Movie is another popular platform that is famous for providing all the latest pictures. This is the best place for people who like shows and they provide new shows shortly after they come out in theaters. Also, it has a collection of all titles in 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p quality options.

It is easy to use, and you can easily find the shows you want. All the old and new shows are available there. But, you should remember that it is also a pirated website which is not recommended to use to support the creators.


Now, the world has shifted online and everything happens online, so everyone wants to watch the latest shows online without going to theatres. And, this is when these platforms help you. But, also note that there are many alternative legal platforms that can be used to enjoy films.

After the theatrical release, any shows come online on the OTT platform but it takes more than 45 days to come. But these platforms leak them within hours of the actual release. That is why, people prefer these more than the actual OTT apps. If you want to enjoy any shows with high-quality options and give some credit to the makers, then you should use the official over-the-top apps to download them.

Disclaimer – We do not promote any site here, these lists are made only for informal purposes and viewers should check the site before visiting them. These sites are not recommended as mentioned above because they infringe the copyright content. So you should be aware of that.


Q 1. What is the Best Working Movie Download Site in 2023?

Ans. YouTube is the best website where you can find many shows online.

Q 2. What is the free legal alternative to pirated websites?

Ans. YouTube, Jio Cinema, etc. are the best alternatives for movie downloads in 2023.

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