Fans awaiting The Nun II OTT Release must wait for the movie on Amazon Prime Video, which may be for a few months. The digital rights to the movie featuring Taissa Farmiga, Storm Reid, and Anna Popplewell are owned by Amazon Prime. The movie will be released exclusively on the Amazon Prime streaming platform after October 2023. The official The Nun II OTT release date is still under consideration and that’s what we are going to talk about in detail here.

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The Nun II Overview

The main Conjuring films revolve around the real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They delve into supposed demonic hauntings that are based on allegedly actual events. Running parallel to these films is the Annabelle spin-off series, which follows the journey of the haunted doll as she torments various individuals. New Line Cinema is now establishing a third franchise with a sequel to The Nun.

The first film revolves around Sister Irene, a nun, and Father Burke, a priest, as they embark on a mission to investigate the tragic suicide of a nun in a Romanian monastery. Their journey leads them to the unsettling truth that the abbey is haunted by an evil entity named Valak, which possesses the inhabitants’ bodies. Despite their efforts, Valak remains undefeated, setting the stage for an intense showdown in the sequel.

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While specific details are still undisclosed, the casting announcements have given audiences a general glimpse of what to anticipate. The sequel continues the story in 1956, four years after the first film, and relocates the narrative to France from Romania. There, a priest meets a tragic demise, and Sister Irene once again confronts the malevolent force known as Valak. Although these tidbits are relatively scant, they foreshadow a new encounter between Irene and Valak, igniting a battle between good and evil.

In the trailer, we witness Valak’s menacing presence as it terrorizes a school in France. When Sister Irene embarks on an investigation into the murder of a Priest, she finds herself confronting this malevolent force again. The trailer reveals that God deprived Valak, once an Angel, of power, establishing it as one of the most ancient and sinister malevolent entities.

The audience eagerly anticipates the epic clash of good and evil involving Valak, Sister Irene, and the other children of the school. However, as the filmmakers delve into the narrative, their paramount challenge is seamlessly integrating the story with the primary Conjuring timeline. Releasing on September 7 in India and on September 8 in the US, the movie has been among the top horror movies of the year. For the binge-watchers, there will be The Nun II OTT Release date available soon enough.

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Movie Title

The Nun II


Supernatural/ Horror

Lead Actor

Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene

Directed By

Michael Chaves

Story by

Akela Cooper

Release Date

September 7, 2023

The Nun II OTT Release Date


The Nun II OTT Platform

Amazon Prime Video

The Nun II OTT Release Rights

Although the movie releases in cinemas, its digital rights are owned by Amazon Prime. Therefore The Nun II OTT Release will be available on Amazon Prime streaming platform after October 2023. The movie may likely release earlier on the streaming platform than cinemas, but we don’t have any confirmation yet.

The Nun II OTT Release will be available for purchase and rental. The exact availability of the movie on Amazon Prime has yet to be determined. The global pandemic that has caused theaters to close worldwide might see a delay in the movie’s release on streaming platforms. Fans should watch for updates related to the OTT release date so they can watch it as soon as it’s available.

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How to watch The Nun II?

In today’s digital age, movie consumption has shifted towards online platforms. As a result, The Nun II will be conveniently released online, allowing users to enjoy the movie effortlessly. By obtaining a paid subscription to the online application, individuals can experience the thrill of watching The Nun II from the comfort of their own screens.

As stated earlier, the movie is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The above section provides updated information on the OTT platform’s cast, characters, and release date. This movie promises to be highly captivating, as the director has put in tremendous effort to ensure its success. If you have anything to share about the upcoming movie, don’t forget to leave us your comments.

Watch NUN 2 Online

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