The Equalizer 3: In the final installment of “The Equalizer” trilogy, Denzel Washington returns as the enigmatic vigilante, Robert McCall, but this time, he’s far from his usual Boston surroundings, finding himself in southern Italy. As the film unfolds, mysteries deepen, and secrets are unveiled. Let’s break down the story and explore its intricate web of connections.

The Enigma of Emma Collins

One of the film’s central enigmas is McCall’s choice to involve CIA agent Emma Collins, portrayed by Dakota Fanning. Throughout “The Equalizer 3,” Collins repeatedly questions, “Why me?” The answer lies in her lineage. As the film concludes, we discover that Collins is the daughter of Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) and her husband Brian (Bill Pullman), McCall’s best friend and former intelligence colleague.

A Vengeful Past

In “Equalizer 2,” the murder of Susan Plummer sent McCall on a relentless quest for vengeance. His thirst for retribution led him on a killing spree against those who betrayed her. This deep-seated rage carries into the third film, explaining his involvement in taking down the Camorra, a regional Italian Mafia faction. By tipping off Collins to the Mafia’s drug ring tied to international terrorists, McCall pays tribute to his lost friend while dismantling a criminal empire.

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Emma Collins’ Triumph

Dakota Fanning stars as Emma Collins in "The Equalizer 3."
Dakota Fanning stars as Emma Collins in “The Equalizer 3.”

Collins survives a car bombing, showcasing her resilience and determination. Her dedication to the case earns her a promotion. In a touching moment, McCall, who has become a mentor to her, says, “Your mother would be proud of you.” This connection to Susan Plummer’s legacy adds depth to their dynamic.

The Mysterious Fate of Brian Plummer

Throughout “Equalizer 2,” there has been much speculation about the fate of Brian Plummer. He required McCall’s assistance to thwart an assassination attempt but was not seen again. Fear not, Brian Plummer is alive and well, likely living at his home.

McCall’s Unexplained Mission

The film opens with McCall eliminating Sicilian mobsters ruthlessly. As the body count rises, his true purpose in Italy remains a mystery. It’s only later that we learn about his mission. In “Equalizer 2,” McCall stumbled upon a passenger whose pension was stolen. Tracking down the criminals to Italy, he retrieved the stolen money and dismantled the drug ring, all while helping an unsuspecting passenger.

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McCall’s Legacy

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) hangs out Brian Plummer (Bill Pullman) and wife Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) in "The Equalizer." Susan was killed in "The Equalizer 2."
Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) hangs out Brian Plummer (Bill Pullman) and wife Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) in “The Equalizer.” Susan was killed in “The Equalizer 2.”

Despite the intense violence that has defined much of his journey, McCall survives the events of “Equalizer 3.” His days as a vigilante seem to be over as he returns to the tranquil Italian town he helped restore to peace. Director Antoine Fuqua decided to let McCall live, keeping the possibility of a future return open.

The End of Vincent Quaranta

Italian actor Andrea Scarduzio portrays the menacing crime boss, Vincent Quaranta, whose brutal reign terrorizes the Italian town. McCall’s confrontation with Vincent marks a dramatic turning point in the story. The film’s climax pays homage to the infamous “Scarface” scene as Vincent meets his demise. Scarduzio’s dedication to the role led to an intense, barefoot, and chilling final sequence.

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“Equalizer 3” unravels the mysteries surrounding Robert McCall’s Italian sojourn, revealing his hidden motivations, connections, and unyielding loyalty. With its complex characters and thrilling action, the film delivers a fitting conclusion to the trilogy while leaving the door open for more adventures in the future.

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