Are you state of emergency that’s the delegation from the governor of New York, as the state in inundated By constant rain that’s led to flash floods and warnings in some areas that residents need to move to higher ground less trend where did through this water world. 

Subway Status NYC

Chaos in the New York City Subway system as heavy rain pounds the nation’s largest city this guys are actually using umbrellas in the subway and it’s not just the subways this is what parts of LaGuardia airport look like.  As you can see the news and the images through the various news channels and this was the chaotic scene on the streets.

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Cars really driving through the floods. According to the leaders said that I am issuing a state of an emergency for the New York City based on the weather condition. This statement is said by the mayor of New York City. The mayor urged resident to stay in the place or shelter at home.

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Subway Status NYC Overview 

Title  Subway Status 
City  New York City 
Status  Emergency Declared 
By  Mayor 
Year  2023 
Category  News 

Subway Status Flood 

I was about to talk across the street and a police officer just drove by and said over his loudspeaker that I had to be careful because there are manhole covers underneath you are that are actually open. So I am glad it did not make that attempt as New York’s becomes water world as many as 2023 and 23 million people or under flood. 


Subway Status NYC


Subway Status New York City

About the survey weather that has many areas underwater. Mayor of the New York City advise New Yorkers that to get out on the road and not to take this storm lightly especially with another round coming this afternoon. I want to say that to all New Yorkers that this is the time for highlight and alertness and extreme caution. If you are at your home then stay healthy stay home and if you are at work or school shelter in place from now. Some of our subways are flooded and it is extremely difficult to move around the city. 

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New York City Mayor 

Many of our area airports RX we I’m saying delays and if You Are out and encounter. A flooded area a roadways or a subway stations do not enter. Take necessary precautions and this is a dangerous weather condition and you have to alert about this.  It is not over and I don’t want to those gaps in heavy rain to give the appearance that it is over. So you have to alert regarding that and it is not we could possibly see 8 inches of rain before the day is over. 

Subway Status NYC Emergency 

Here to help New Yorkers get through what is life treating rainfall event and I agree with you that people should be able to stay home if possible but I know right now there are lot of NCS parants Were wondering if they will be able to get their children home from schools and I am working closely. So stay home stay healthy in the emergency situation. 

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