Check here lates update on QPP Payment Dates, Schedule, QPP Pension Amount, and many others doubt. The Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) is a type of retirement pension for the retirees of Canada which provides Quebec Pension fund to the retirees to live their life after retirement.

QPP Payment Dates 

QPP pension is a Canadian-based retirement pension administered by Retrait Quebec. QPP is similar to the Canadian pension plan (CPP) which facilitates the retiree to enjoy an ideal after-retirement life without much worry about financial needs. Know QPP Payment Dates which is a bonus to the personal saving of an employee.

CPP Payment Dates

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 OAS Payment Dates

With the help of the QPP pension plan, a retiree can secure his future and can execute his future plans easily. A retiree can apply for your retirement pension up to 12 months before the time you would like to receive your first payment.  Under Quebec Pension amount will be paid on the date of last working day of every month. 

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QPP Payment Date Overview


Pension Name Quebec Pension Plan 
Authority Retrait Quebec 
Country Canada
Beneficiary Retirees of Canada
QPP Payment Amount  64% at the age of 60 

100% at the age of 65

142% at the age of 70

QPP Pension Fund $1306.57 (100% amount) per month
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QPP Payment Dates 2023

Now we discuss about QPP Payment Dates 2023. For the month of September, quebec pension date is 29 September as it is the last working day of this month. Quebec Pension date for the month of August 2023 is 31st. You can check complete schedule for QPP dates below.

QPP Payment Date

QPP Payment Schedule 2023

Most of the pension benefits are issued monthly at the last working day, the exact QPP Payment Schedule 2023 may differs each year. For 2023, QPP Payment dates are as follows:

QPP Payment Dates Month for the year 2023

QPP Payment Dates Month (2023)
On 31st January
On 28th February
On 31st March
On 28th April
On 31st May
On 29th June
On 31st July
On 31st August
On 29th September
On 31st October
On 30th November
On 28th December

QPP Payment Calculator 

You can simply calculate QPP pension by using the QPP Payment calculator. The contribution rate in Quebec pension plan is 12.80% of an employee’s grossing earnings. In Quebec Pension Plan an employee pays half 6.40% and other half deducts at employee’s income source of earning. This leads to total of 12.80%. 

QPP Payment Increase 2023 

QPP Payment increase 2023 will increase on the basis of enhancement in every month and last year it will increase 6.5%. Maximum contribution of an employee in this plan is limited to $4038.40 and if you are an employer then Maximum contribution is $4038.40. The contribution rate of QPP will tend to increase until 2025.

Quebec Pension Plan Eligibility

Under the Quebec Payment Plan (QPP), employee who crosses the age of 65, can receive a hundred percent of the Quebec Pension amount. To become eligible for QPP Payment, employees must have worked for at least a year. In case of emergency or when it felt required to apply for this pension you can apply for it at the age of 60 years.

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FAQs related to QPP Payment Dates

How much will QPP Payment increase in 2023?

QPP Payment increase on the basis of enhancement every month.

How much is QPP per month?

QPP amount is $1306.57 for 100% per month.

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