Poland Elections have been concluded on 15 October 2023 as per the major voting results, voting is in favor of Donald Tusk while law and justice lost as it was unable to get majority support in spite of getting higher votes.

Polish Election Results 2023

Poland Voting ended on 15 October 2023 at 8:09 am after opposition parties appeared to have garnered enough votes in Sunday’s parliamentary elections to unseat the ruling nationalist conservative party, Donald Tusk, the head of the Polish opposition, hailed the start of a new era for his nation. Law and Justice won but also lost, as anticipated by an exit poll. It received more votes than any other party, but not enough to form a majority administration capable of enacting legislation. Major votes are in favor of Polish Election Results 2023.

Poland Election Winner

In its eight years in office, that party, Law and Justice, has had cold fights with allies and been accused of weakening the rule of law at home. Voters looked to have been more engaged than ever before, casting more ballots than when the country overthrew the communist government in 1989. Even though some lines were still open when voting was officially over, everyone was still able to cast a ballot.

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According to the Ipsos exit poll, Law and Justice won 200 seats. The far-right Confederation won 12 seats; the party recognised this result as a loss. Additionally, it demonstrated that the Sejm, the lower house of parliament with 460 seats, is likely to have 248 seats obtained by a coalition of three opposition parties.

Poland Voting State Wise

State wise elections are still ongoing in some states and the result will be out soon. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of Law and Justice, accepted the murky outcome. According to the exit poll, his party received close to 37% of the vote, making it the party with the highest votes for three consecutive parliamentary elections, he informed supporters gathered at his offices.

Regardless of whether we are in the government or the opposition, Kaczynski added, We must have hope and we must also know that we will carry out this (political) project in a number of ways and we will not permit Poland to be betrayed. Law and Justice would most likely be given the first opportunity to try to form a government if the outcome stands and it is the only party with the most seats.

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Poland Vote Counting

Votes were still being counted, but according to the state election commission, full results should be available by Tuesday morning. The state of the nation’s constitutional order, its stance on abortion and LGBTQ+ rights, and the international ties of a nation that has been an important ally to Ukraine since Russia launched its full-scale invasion are all at risk.

Bart Staszewski, an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, described it as the end of a “nightmare” for him and other gay people.

The process of regaining our country is just getting started. The battle lies ahead, but today is a new day, according to Staszewski. In order to exert more influence over state institutions including the courts, public media, and electoral processes, Law and Justice has undermined checks and balances.

Poland Parliament Election Result

The number of voters who showed up to vote on Sunday seemed to be even higher than the 63% who did so in the 1989 election that resulted in the communists being ousted. Although there are many unknowns in the future, one thing that seemed definite was that the governing party’s support has declined since the last election, when it won about 44% of the vote. This decline was caused by rising inflation, accusations of cronyism, and disputes with European partners.

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Poland Election Result Outcome

The Polish economy has a high percentage of state ownership, and the ruling party has established a system of patronage by giving thousands of jobs and contracts to its supporters. The results of this election could have a significant impact on Poland’s future course, the distribution of power within the European Union, and the course of the Ukrainian conflict. An unparalleled feat since Poland achieved its independence from the Soviet Union, PiS was vying for a third straight electoral victory. During its eight years in power, PiS has been embroiled in fierce disputes with the EU.

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