Many gamers are waiting for the PlayStation 6 release date to know when it will be released. On this page today, you have been updated about the specifications and features of the Sony PlayStation 6. However, you can now buy the Sony Play Station 5 on the market. And can play at home as well. We have decided to tell you today about the PlayStation 6 release date. Today here we will give you information about the specifications of PlayStation 6, when it will be released, i.e., when it will be delivered. 

PlayStation 6 Release Date

Apart from this, you will also get information about You can also get information about important updates included in the latest console after the release of the PlayStation 6. After receiving the information, the delivery of Play Station 6 can be done in February 2024. After this, you can also get information about the price of PS 6. However, let us tell you that its price keeps changing with the change of model. Today we will also tell you how its price varies according to the laws of each country, for which you will have to follow us till the end of this article. 

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PlayStation, which is a very unprecedented game, is settled in the hearts and minds of the people. As soon as the PlayStation 6 release date is revealed, we will provide you with updates immediately. For now, let us tell you that you are going to get all the information about the PlayStation 6 release date that you want through this article.

PS Price in India 2023 Overview 


Article Title  PlayStation 6 Release Date 
Developer  Soni Corporation 
Launched in 1993
Category  Technique
Play station 6 release date February 2024 tentative
Cost 1000 dollar and Sony 
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Playstation 6 Specification

The first version of the Sony Playstation was launched in 1994, of which five versions have been launched till now. It is being learned that, in the context of Playstation 6, the possibility of the Playstation 6 release date being launched in February 2024 is being expressed. Let us make it clear to you that this game has been enjoyed by people of all ages for a long time. 

All five previously released versions have been enjoyed by users. Let us make it clear to you that, till now, users have been eagerly waiting for this new version regarding Play Station 6 specifications. You must be aware that the release date of PlayStation 6 has not been fixed yet, but it will soon be made available on the Sony PlayStation portal. As soon as this date is released, you can then buy it online from the official website of Playstation.


PlayStation 6 Release Date


PS 6 Launch Date and Time

It means that you can also check the launch date and time of the PlayStation 6 online and its price in India. If you also play PlayStation video games, then you will also be waiting for the PS 6 launch date and time. Actually, you can check it out here. But let us also tell you that today you are going to know what the new version of this game, i.eThe PlayStation 6 release date is going to be. 

You should make it clear to people here that PlayStation has its own store, which we call the PS Store. Play Station serves as a digital medium option for users. There is a possibility of it coming onto the market by February 2024.

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PS 6 Price in India 2023

All the PlayStation players have benefited a lot in the past several years, and the biggest benefit has been after the COVID-19 pandemic. The main reason for this is that during the lockdown, people started playing this game in large quantities. It was done because people had time. In view of the increasing demand for this game, the PS 6 price in India in 2023 also increased. The demand for this game among the people increased because people used to play it in their free time during the lockdown. 

Let us make it clear to you that there are many fans of PlayStation games, which are available not only in India or 1 and 2 countries but in more than 70 countries. As soon as the PlayStation 6 release date is released on the portal, the demand for this game will increase even more.

PlayStation 6 release date in India

Information is being received from many sources that all the consumers have just played PlayStation 5, but they are waiting for the new version of PlayStation 6 to be released. That is, when has the PlayStation 6 release date in India been determined? According to the updates being received from the internet, the new version of the game is going to be launched in the second month of the next year, i.e., February 2024, which clearly means that players will get to play this game in the year 2024. 

So players will have to enjoy PlayStation 5 for a few more days. Consumers will have to wait a few more days for the PlayStation 6 release date. Let us make it clear to you that the game was first launched almost 16 years ago, on November 11, 2006.

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PS6 Release Date 2023 List of Countries

  • Argentina 
  • China 
  • Hong Kong, 
  • India 
  • Luxembourg 
  • Malta 
  • Netherlands 
  • Hungary 
  • Australia 
  • Colombia 
  • Israel 
  • Malaysia 
  • Nicaragua 
  • South Korea
  • New Zealand 
  • Iceland 
  • Austria 
  • CostaRica 
  • Italy 
  • Mexico 
  • Spain 
  • Panama 
  • Norway 
  • Indonesia 
  • Bahrain 
  • Croatia 
  • Japan Sweden 
  • Poland 
  • Paraguay
  • Oman, 
  • Ireland, 
  • Belgium 
  • Cyprus 
  • Switzerland 
  • Czech Republic 
  • Bolivia 
  • Kuwait 
  • Lebanon 
  • Peru 
  • Qatar 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Uruguay 
  • Slovakia 
  • Portugal 
  • Philippines  
  • Germany 
  • Denmark 
  • Brazil 
  • Thailand 
  • Taiwan, 
  • Turkey, 
  • Romania 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Ecuador 
  • Canada 
  • Ukraine 
  • Greece 
  • Chile 
  • Finland 
  • Guatemala 
  • Singapore 
  • US
  • South Africa 
  • Honduras 
  • Slovenia 
  • UAE 
  • UK.

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How to Buy Playstation 6 Online

  1. You can buy Playstation 6 in two ways, which are being made available here for your convenience. 
  2. First of all, you have to go to the station’s website,, click on the Continue option, confirm the delivery location, and make your payment through online mode. 
  3. Lastly, regarding how to buy the PlayStation 6 online, you have to accept the gaming console of your region. 
  4. Another way to buy PlayStation 6 is to go to a gaming store and buy it. 
  5. In this way, you can buy the PlayStation 6 after the release date is revealed, according to any of the methods mentioned.

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FAQs Related PlayStation 6 Release Date 

What is the official website in reference to the PlayStation 6?

The official website for PlayStation 6 has been mentioned in this article.

How do I buy the PlayStation 6?

To buy the PlayStation 6, you need to follow the given guidelines.

When will the PlayStation 6 launch?

The PlayStation 6 will launch in February 2024.

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