The summer Olympics 2024, Which is also known as games of the XXXIII Olympiad and also referred to as Paris 2024 will be going to start. The international upcoming multisport event is planned to take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024 with Paris serving as a primary host city. In this post we are going to tell you about the various details of the Paris Olympics 2024, Who will be the Host of Paris Olympics 2024, what will be the venue and themes. To know all about the Paris Olympics Schedule 2024 stay with us in this post at last. 

Paris Olympics Schedule 2024

The Paris Olympics will start on 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024. Paris is serving as its primary host city and 16 other cities are dispersed throughout Metropolitan France. According to the officials that are the International Olympic Committee current rules which was established in 2017, the Summer Olympics schedule consists of 28 core Sports that are required to play in the whole tournament. 

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According to the committee, it is decided that The match will be going to be interesting and the summer Olympic schedule consists of required to be played at every game, and up to 6 additional exports may be introduced for each edition. They must be included on the list that he is forwarded to the international Olympic Committee. 

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Paris Olympics Schedule 2024 Overview 



Paris Olympics 2024 Mascot 

Paris Olympics 2024 Mascot The Olympic and Paralympic games in Paris in 2024 tipped there was potential representation in the Republic of French. That will be one of the interesting matches and if you talk about the history. The history consists of operations to people and connect to Genesis of the Phrygian Cap. The twins Castor and Pollux Who hatched from one edge and are Disrupted wearing the pileus are born into a new existence with the freedom of Roman and greek mycology. 


Paris Olympics Schedule


Paris Olympics 2024 Schedule 

The schedule will be going to start soon. As we have already said, the Paris Olympics 2024 Schedule Will be going to start from 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024. They must be included on the list that is forwarded to the international Olympic Committee within five years of each edition in order to increase local interest and provided that the total number of competitors does not exceed the total number of 10,500 athletes. So the match will be very interesting and they are chosen by the organising committee for each edition of the Olympics. 

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Paris Olympics 2024 Logo And Emblem 

If you talk about the previous summer Olympics 21 October 2019 then the grand Rex Summer Olympics and Paralympics was unveiled. So The French nation personifies with a flame created in negative space by her hair and is inspired by Art Deco. The symbol is similar to the gold medal and the inclusion of the female athlete also included in this that pay tribute to various summer Olympics of 1900. Along with this design General regards the logo for Paris 2024 as the biggest new logo release of the year. 

Paris Olympics 2024 Theme 

Paris Olympics 2024 Theme According to the comprehensive schedule of the sporting and cultural events around the subject of Live together, play   together.  France should be able to improve the accessibility of its transportation infrastructure and all those things which will be going to include the cultural landmarks after the seven years of planning. This also includes the two weeks of Paralympic games that would surely change society perceptions regarding the future Disability of Olympics. 

Paris Olympics 2024 Venues 

The sailing and the football matches will take place in the Mediterranean city of Marsiele, which is 777 km from the host city. The handball competitions Will be held in Lille which is 225 km away. Along with that the majority of the Olympic competition will take place in Paris and the surrounding areas of Paris that are the metropolitan areas. According to the officials the Surfing competitions are anticipated to be held in Teahupoo Village in the French Polynesia territory of French Polynesia. 

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Paris Olympics 2024 Host 

As you already know that the 131st IOC session will be held in Lima, Peru on 13 September 2017. Paris was chosen as the host city of the Olympics. Paris Olympics 2024 Host Will include the two French IOC members where disqualified from their voting for the Olympic character. Only futurist theatre from the cross world will be able to purchase the ticket for the Paris Olympics so if you want to buy then you can buy it from the official ticketing website. So this is all about the Paris Olympics Schedule 2024. 

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FAQs related to the Paris Olympics Schedule 2024

When will the Paris Olympics Schedule 2024 start?

The Olympics will start on 26 July 2024. 

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