In mainland France, there were over 72,000 medical visits in 2019 and 2020 related to reports of Paris Bed Bugs or concerns about them. The anticipated spike in tourism for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris throughout the summer is now a reason for worry. Although France has reiterated its commitment to taking more measures, it is costly and challenging for lodging providers. Ten months before the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics get underway, the French city is fighting a bedbug infestation.

Paris Bed Bugs

Since a probable sighting on line 8 of the metro was reported on Wednesday, according to The Local France, there have been no other sightings of Paris Bed Bugs. However, transport providers, notably RATP, the metro operator in Paris, have said that they are still “extremely vigilant.” The RATP informed the outlet that “these last few days, there have been no proven cases of bedbugs recorded in our equipment,” but that “each sighting is taken into account and is subject to a treatment.” 

The blood of people and animals is what Paris Bed Bugs, flat parasitic insects, feed on as they slumber, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All across the globe, there are infestations, but they are most common in places where people sleep, such as behind wallpaper, in crevices and curves, mattress seams, and bed frames. 

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Bedbug Infestation Paris France

Paris and other French towns are experiencing a bedbug epidemic, which has sparked a wave of insectophobia and raised concerns about public health and safety ahead of the Olympic Games in 2020. In the French and increasingly worldwide news media, it is the general description of the phenomena. It is accurate in part. In another area, however, it isn’t.”And every year, the seasonal uptick is larger than the year before.”

The truth is that there have been more reports of bed bug sightings in recent weeks than there have been in the previous several years. “Every late summer we see a big increase in bedbugs,” said Jean-Michel Berenger, France’s foremost authority on les punaises and an entomologist at Marseille’s major hospital. This is because many people moved during the months of July and August and brought their belongings back with them when they left.

When did the bedbug problem start?

People started complaining about bed bugs at movie theaters online throughout the summer. After going to the movies, they shared photos of their nibbles on Twitter, previously X. In recent times, bedbugs have been seen by locals and visitors in hotels, high-speed trains, metro rail, and airports. A further worry during Paris Fashion Week, which concluded on Tuesday, was the development of bedbugs.

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Is this the First time Bed Bugs have infested Paris?

Bedbugs have returned to France after being exterminated in the 1950s. Over 10% of French homes have bed bugs between 2017 and 2022, according to ANSES. Extermination professionals estimated treating 400,000 Parisian hotels, flats, and households in 2018. In 2020, France developed a bedbug helpline and website to combat the problem.

Why are the bedbugs back?

Strong pesticides like DDT were often utilized in the past. Since these substances were outlawed for being too dangerous, bedbug infestations have increased recently. The increase in bedbugs was ascribed by ANSES in a report from July to “the rise in travel and the increasing resistance of bed bugs to insecticides.”

What is Paris Doing to Solve the Bedbug Crisis?

The French capital seems to be only starting to address the issue. Paris City Council requested an infestation task group from Macron’s cabinet on Thursday. Transport Minister Clement Beaune said Friday he would address passenger safety with transportation operators next week. Deputy Mayor Gregoire has asked home insurance to cover bed bugs as low-income households cannot afford pest management.

Gregoire expects Parisian bed bugs to endure. He said the late July 2024 Olympics should unify everyone to solve the problem. Ondřej Balvín, director of the Czech University of Life Sciences’ Bed Bugs Research Team in Prague, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that Paris has challenges in eradicating the infestation. He stated, “It is difficult for me to imagine that the government is anyhow entitled or able to fight bed bugs in a country.” Private bedrooms cause issues. The government may add pesticides, support pest controller training, or strengthen pest control regulations.

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What can people do to fight against bed bugs?

The French capital seems to be only beginning to confront the problem. On Thursday, Paris city hall asked President Emmanuel Macron’s government to form an infestation task force. On Friday, transport Minister Clement Beaune said he would discuss passenger safety with transit companies next week. Deputy Mayor Gregoire has requested house insurers to cover bed bugs since low-income families cannot afford pest control firms.

Gregoire predicted Parisian bed bugs would endure. The late July 2024 Olympics should unite everyone to tackle the situation, he says. He said, “It is difficult for me to imagine that the government is anyhow entitled or able to fight bed bugs in a country.” Problems arise with private bedrooms. The government may provide new insecticides, fund pest controller education, or tighten pest control standards.

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