Whenever you visit the check-out counter, have you ever noticed how much the prices of goods have increased? What is the secret of these increased prices? Yes, these higher prices mean the payment of more taxes. You will also be given information regarding GST and HST payment dates here. Yes, in today’s article, we will talk about any Canadian citizen. 

GST/HST Payment Dates

Let us make it clear to you that Canadians are roaming here and there for daily living. You may be able to qualify for the GST Harmonised Sales Tax Credit. Funded by the federal government, it helps low-income individuals and families cover the amount of GST or HST they pay throughout the year.

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That is why it has been designed. You will have to read this article till the end to know about the payment list eligibility information for GST and HST payment dates and how you can apply for your credit information.

CRA GST Payment Dates 2023 Overview 


HST in Ontario 13%
HST Credit in Canada 8 or 10 percent
GST HST Credit age limit At least 19 years old
PST Rate in Canada 7 percent
GST formula (Original Cost*GST Rate Percent)/100
highest income tax rate in Canada state Cubec 
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2023 GST/HST Payment Dates

The GST/HST credit dates for the previous fiscal year 2022 as tax years have been fixed as 5 July 2023, 5 October 2023, 5 January 2024, and 5 April 2024, respectively. You will be considered for the GST/HST credit even before you file your tax return. 

In the context of GST/HST payment dates, you are required to tell the tax that your life circumstances have changed, such as whether you have gotten married or had children. People definitely ask this question about 2023 GST/HST payment dates, so in this context, let us tell you that credit is done on a quarterly basis, the dates of which have just been mentioned to you.


GST/HST Payment Dates


GST/HST payment in Canada

The last thing that you can do is submit another application. Anyway, very good news has come out for you. According to that, now you do not need to fill out another application, i.e., whenever you Your name is automatically considered for credit when you file your tax return. Under GST/HST Payment in Canada, this is an incentive for all those who file their taxes on time.

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GST/HST Payment Dates in Canada 

  • You must be a native of Canada.
  • You must be at least 19 years of age.
  • If you are not a native of Canada, you must have a common-law partner if you are under 19 years of age. 
  • You became a parent and lived with your children, or you have lived with your children.

How Will You Receive the GST/HST Payments?

If you have made arrangements to deposit your tax online, So this will be a very easy process for you. If you have chosen the option of a check, then you will be able to receive it by post. But there is a big problem with this: it takes more time to process. In this way, we want to tell you that you should receive your payment within 10 days. If you still do not receive your payment, you can contact CRA.

When Will Your GST/HST be Recalculated

You must also be aware that circumstances in life keep changing all the time. When this happens, your payment is reevaluated by the CRA. Here, we are going to tell you about the scenarios in which your payment amount gets affected. It happens.

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When there is a change in your or your family’s net income or a change in your marital status. Or there is a change in the number of your children, or one of the beneficiaries dies. So when all these changes occur, you should not delay at all. If any one or more of these changes occur in your life, then you should immediately contact CRA. 

It may prove to be a good idea so that your records can be checked for accuracy. So that your GST or HST payment can be reviewed and reevaluated. So once you have a handle on how GST/HST works, you can pay your monthly bills using your quarterly payments. Or you can spend a day at the spa.

FAQs Related to GST/HST Payment Dates

What are the GST/HST payment dates?

are July 5, 2023, October 5, 2023, January 5, 2024, and April 5, 2024.

What factors can affect your payment amount?

change in marital status, change in the number of children, death of one of the beneficiaries

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