India celebrates Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October. Now this occasion is celebrated as the birthday of our father of nation. All government and private sectors celebrate this day as a national holiday and people on this day celebrate this day as a social occasion and this day is celebrated as one of the most auspicious days. On this day our father of nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born; he is also known as Mahatma Gandhi. 

Gandhi Jayanti Speech

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi most of the students want to deliver a speech on this event. Every year on second October it is observed as Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti and the students take part in a variety of performances in their school and colleges and educational institutions. The entire globe will commemorate Gandhi Jayanti, the 154th birthday of Gandhi ji. 

Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhi Biography

Sharad Purnima

Gandhi Jayanti speech in English is very important for the various occasion in schools and government also in the private sector celebrate this location and everyone pays honor to Gandhi ji. English version of the Gandhi Jayanti address for the speech on 2 October. 

Gandhi Jayanti Speech Overview 

Title  Speech In Gandhi Jayanti 
Year  2023 
Category  Speech 
Occasion  Birth Anniversary Of MK Gandhi 
Date  2nd October 
Country  India 
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Gandhi Jayanti Speech In English 

Gandhi Jayanti Speech In English you can give according to where you are going to give you speech. This speech is one of the most clear-cut speeches because we have given the speech in long and short also. You can use this Is page according to your convenience because we have given the longest beach and you can also see this speech. With the use of the information below you can also independently create a lengthy speech for Gandhi Jayanti as well as a brief speech. 


Gandhi Jayanti Speech


Long Gandhi Jayanti Speech

Greetings to everybody! Respected teacher, students, my friends and all my dear staff members. I would like to present here a simple speech on Mahatma Gandhi because I don’t know more about Mahatma Gandhi but whatever I know I concluded in some of my sentences. I know that you can learn something from this speech. 

India celebrates independence and remembers their values that guided in the liberation of our great leaders. One of the major party is the Indian National Congress and we cannot forget the role of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. Without any single bullet not only concluded his all the struggle movement but also able to create fear in the mind of all the britishers. 

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Short Gandhi Jayanti Speech

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat, India. Mahatma Gandhi was born into A merchant class family and he finished his undergraduate education in India under the rule of British India before moving to England. After moving to England, I will pursue a law degree. He completed his degree in England and after that he did his training in South Africa. In the training period we can be able to see the impact of many political thinkers and philosophers in his life. The impact of Plato and Socrates can also be seen. He thought about Ultimate reality and truth and searched for greater good in human life. 

2 October Speech In English 

Ravindra not Tagore who is the nobel laureate also best stored upon him the horrific title Mahatma which translates to the one with the greatest soul. The 154 anniversary of the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi of a known as Bapu by children and the father of nation, is being commemorated this year. We Are here to review the values by which he lived his life and fought the freedom struggle of India. We should also think about his two Great weapons which were truth and nonviolence. 

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Gandhi Jayanti Speech For Students 

The United nation General assembly proclaimed this day the international Day of nonviolence in his honour because he provided the world of nonviolence for combat. He also wrote a book about his biography which is the experiment of truth. His influence in the Constitution of India and also in the government of India we can be able to see. We also see his influence on our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and other Prime Ministers. Gandhiji said that only truth can save us and because after that we can  suffer any moment. 

We should read about his books because through his books we can be able to understand some percent of his thoughts because to know everything about his thoughts is not possible for a normal human being. Mahatma Gandhi ji is a sea of knowledge and we should understand his relevance in modern times. 

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