Fukrey 3 reports are now out and it received much more response than expected. The Mrighdeep Lamba-directed film has got 8.8 stars out of 10 on IMDb with over 12k viewers rating which is a great number. This is the third season after the last version that was released in 2017. The initial box office earnings are too good and it is now getting more attention because of positive reviews and ratings.

The main actors Farhan Akhtar Manu Rishi Chadha and Richa have been seen in the movie and their acting has made it possible for great revenue at the theatres. The film is made on a budget of 40 crores and it is recovering its amount at the box office too fastly. It will be declared as a hit movie within a week because of consistently performs well at theatres.

Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection

Daywise Earnings
Day 1 8.82 Crores INR
Day 2 7.81 Crores INR
Day 3 11.67 Crores INR
Day 4 14 Crores INR
Day 5 7 Crores INR (early estimates)
Total Collection Till Now 42.30 Crores INR

Fukrey 3 had a great start on the opening day and it earned ₹8.82 crore INR from the Hindi version on Day 1. The movie faced some low viewership in Maharashtra because of the Ganpati Visarjan celebrations but many people still went to see it. This movie is the third part of a funny film Fukrey which is directed by Mrighdeep Lamba. It has famous actors like Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Richa Chadha, Mr Pankaj Tripathi, and Manjot Singh.

The viewers have liked it and given positive feedback, also the movie critics are expecting that it will do well in the future. The movie has a funny story and characters that people like, so it should do well in the theatres. The trade experts are expecting that it will make a great amount as more people will go to watch in future.

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Fukrey 3 Day 3 Earning: How Much Did it Earn?

On its first day in theatres, Fukrey 3 did well by earning ₹8.82 crore from the Hindi version. This strong start shows that the movie will do well in the coming days and now its reviews are also positive.

Mrighdeep Lamba directs the movie and has a great cast like Varun, Pulkit, and Richa. It is already getting good reviews from critics and industry experts, who think it will continue to do well in the coming days. The interesting story and the funny things are making it popular with youth and we have done a detailed analysis of the film and it is great.

Showtime Occupancy Percentage
Morning Shows 12.65%
Afternoon Shows 20.84%
Evening Shows 24.07%
Night Shows 30.93%

Fukrey 3 Hit or Flop Verdict

Right now, it is unknown if Fukrey 3 will be a big success or not at the box office. But there are some good signs. It made ₹8.82 crore on its first day and reviews are also too positive on social media. This means there is a big chance that it will do well in the next few days.

But we have to remember that a movie’s success depends on many things. It is not just about the first day. It also depends on what people say about it, the other movies it’s competing with, and how many people keep going to see it over time. If the film continues to get a positive response, it will be a hit movie in the cinema 2023. Also, there is no grand release in the coming days, so it is a big opportunity for this movie to earn more amount.

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Fukrey 3 Movie Review in Brief

Fukrey 3 is a funny movie that continues the tradition of silly comedy that fans love. It is all about having a good time and not worrying too much about the story. Some people might wonder if this kind of humour is still popular today, but the film shows that there are still plenty of people who enjoy jokes and humour that don’t need a lot of thinking.

The movie shows the familiar group of friends, the Fukrey gang, and their funny interactions with Pandit Ji and Bholi Panjaban. It is a fun movie with lots of jokes and funny moments, and it’s meant for people who like this kind of comedy.

The director Mrighdeep Singh Lamba makes the characters interesting and each one adds something special to the movie. While the movie has many different stories going on, they all keep you interested and entertained. Sometimes the humour is a bit too crude which means not all the jokes are great.

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Still, the movie has great performances by Varun Sharma and Pankaj Tripathi. The first half sets up the characters and the story, and the second half gets even funnier with clever jokes and sarcasm. There are some issues in the second half and the music isn’t that great, Fukrey 3 is still the best entertaining film that viewers love.

What is the Fukrey 3 Movie About?

The story of the film starts from Fukrey 2 where Hunny, Choocha and Lali own a store given to them by the Delhi Government, but it is not doing well, so they do odd jobs to make money. On the other hand, Bholi Panjaban wants to win an election in Delhi with the help of a corrupt businessman Dhingra. She tries to get attention by cleaning a public toilet but Choocha gets more attention because of his funny actions.

After seeing Choocha’s popularity, Hunny, Pandit Ji, and Lali decide to make him run in the election. But Bholi finds out and sends them to South Africa to find diamonds in a mine. And then Choocha accidentally eats a diamond. Back in India, they find that Choocha can create a special fuel with the diamond in his body which threatens Bholi’s election plans. So, She pretends to marry Choocha to manipulate the situation, but Choocha’s unique power exposes her lies. Fukrey 3 is a funny movie that is full of comedy, politics, and social ideas. You can give it a try and watch it in the cinema which is streaming from 28 September 2023.


Is Fukrey 3 a Blockbuster movie?

The movie is performing well in theatres and is on its way to becoming a hit movie.

What is the Total Box Office Collection of Fukrey 3?

The movie has earned a total of 42.30 crores till now.

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