and redresses the complaint within one month from its receipt.10. Training and Awareness ProgramsConduct periodic training and awareness programs with editorial staff about existing laws including Constitution of India, the over 30 laws relating to the media like The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, Copyright Act, Right to Information Act, relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code and CrPC, civil and criminal defamation, IPR, Juvenile justice, POCSO, relevant provisions relating to reporting on rape and molestation, harassment in the workplace, caste or gender-related crime, domestic violence, etc.o Names of victims and details leading to the identification of victims or perpetrator, if juvenile or in the workplace, to be strictly avoided.o Photographs of victims, their residence, workplace, etc to be avoided.o Special care and caution must be exercised at all times while reporting matters related to communal or religious disputes/clashes. Such news items shall be published only after proper verification of facts and should be presented with due caution and restraint, ensuring an environment that is conducive to promoting communal harmony, amity and peace.o Special care in reporting on courts and judicial matters. Create awareness among editorial staff about legislative privileges and correct reporting of court hearings, judicial matters, etc. To ensure that versions of victim and accused are covered, without comments thereon.o Respect for privacy especially persons not in public life.