The Ministry of education and government of India has launched the APAAR ID Card as per the national educational policy 2020. The Ministry of education and government of India has initiated this program known as one nation one student ID card. This groundbreaking programme aims to digitally centralise Academy data of all the students that includes degrees, scholarships, rewards and other credits for Students. In this post we are going to tell you about the detailed information regarding the various benefits of Apaar ID Card Registration. 

Apaar ID Card Registration

Apaar ID Card Registration: The Apaar ID also known as the One Nation One Student ID card will be beneficial for all the candidates as they are complete academic data, this also includes scholarship, degrees and rewards Will be transferred digitally to the APAAR ID. The full form of APAAR ID is The automated permanent Academy account registry. The government of India launched the academic bank of credits insured ABC bank to Issue the APAAR ID Cards. 

CBSE 10th Time Table

CBSE 10th and 12th Examination Date

CBSE Time Table

This card serves as An education ecosystem registry referred to as an Edulocker. This is Launched by the Ministry of education for digital ID cards for students studying in private and government institutions and schools across India. The APAAR ID Card aims to enable students to collect their academy credits and other information in online mode. 

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Apaar ID Card Registration Overview 

Title  Apaar ID Card 
Year  2023 
Category  Registration 
FullForm  automated permanent Academy account registry
By  Ministry of education and government
For  Students 


Apaar ID Registration Online 

The government initiative that will allow you to unlock a variety of events and conveniently store your academic records. By this with thousand students and millions students already benefiting from this program. It is a promising development in the education sector. The online registration form is available through the official website that you.

Through this government initiative you can explore how the Government of India and the Ministry of education continues to introduce initiatives that benefit citizens. The registration process will be in online mode in which you understand the significance of completing the registration and how to download the card for use. 


Apaar ID Card Registration


Process Of Apaar ID Card Registration

The Digital Students ID In which you will learn about Apaar ID Card A digital ID card for students in India whether they attended private or government schools or colleges. The main objective for this registration is to explore the key objective of the Apaar ID Card program, such as collecting academic data and academic credits in one place. You can easily understand through the unique identifier how the card includes a unique 12 digit APAAR Number for each student. 

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Apaar ID Card Download 

The ID card you can download to the official website by following the process. The academic bank of credit was launched following discussions in the national education policy under this portal. Under this has come all students can register and avail the benefits of the program by ABC card. We have given some of the instructions that will help you after downloading the card PDF through, it is important to verify the details mentioned on it. 

Apaar ID Card Registration Benefits 

  • Apaar ID Card is a lifelong identification number for students allowing them to easily track their academic progress.
  • The ID card will digitally store residents data at one place.
  • The APAAR Number will track the academic records for students of all the age groups.
  • It will make The transfer process of course runs from one school to another busy through the academic details.
  • It helps to keep track of the students dropping out so that government can make a fort and launch new schemes.
  • The ID card will be directly linked with ABC bank. So that when Students complete a semester or course the credit will be directly reflected in ABC which will be valid across all the universities. 
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Student Apaar ID Card Registration

All of the detailed Instructions for Apaar ID Card Registration. 

  • Understand the role of your mobile number and other numbers.
  • Selecting a school or university.
  • The card generation process will be completed. 
  • You can collect your Apaar ID Card. 

One Nation One Student ID 

One nation one is student ID will digitally centralised Academy data that includes scholarship degrees reward and other student credits. It will help to know the credit score given to the students that can be used for higher education or entrance examinations conducted by universities. The complete information about students can be obtained. So this is all about Apaar ID Card Registration. 

FAQs related to Apaar ID Card Registration

What is the full form of Apaar ID Card?

The full form is automated permanent Academy account registry.

What are the benefits of Apaar ID Card Registration?

By the registration millions of residents can be able to store their academic records conveniently. 

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